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 Greek Islands

Greece is a unique proposition should you be looking for an overseas property. Glorified because of its history and culture, Greece offers a lot more than that. One fact often unknown about Greece is its geography as it is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe with over 80% of its landmass denoted as hills or mountains. It also has the 12th longest coastline in the world, a quite astounding fact and means Greece offers a lot in terms of natural beauty lending itself to a second home or property investment.

Though Atlas International can provide some properties on the Mainland (please contact us for more information) the company decided very early on that the property markets held most value and potential for growth on the islands. There are as many as 6,000 islands however and only 227 inhabited, we decided to narrow the field down to two; Crete and Rhodes.

Atlas International decided that Crete should be the main area of focus with some very exciting developments around the Rethimnon and Heraklion areas. Not only is Crete the largest of the Greek Islands but it could survive without a tourism industry as the predominance of its revenues comes from the Agricultural industry – a fact which is obvious to see when travelling around the island given all the lemon and orange groves not to mention the banana green houses.

However, Crete is also a real Tourism hub which is central to the reason why we felt this would be a great destination for holiday homes and rental investments for you, our clients. 15% of all arrivals into Greece come through Heraklion and charter flights into Greece were made up of more than 20% destined for Heraklion. This meant more than two million tourists visiting the island and a great opportunity for a rental investment.

Atlas International can also provide you with properties in Rhodes but there are plenty of opportunities in other islands such as Paros and the ever popular Santorini with its stunning vistas and panoramas. For opportunities in the mainland or islands other than Crete and Rhodes, please contact us directly and we will be happy to find you something you would like.