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Thailand is a country of surprises and one that is ripe with property investment possibilities. Most people look at Thailand from an investment angle with some great deals available in the rental market with developers often offering fantastic guaranteed rental schemes. However, there is a growing expat population drawn to its laid back lifestyle which is no surprise considering 95% of the population are practicing Buddhists.

Considering Thailand has a population of over 65 Million people and a landmass larger than Spain not to mention a super strong economy, there are plenty of investment hotspots to be found. However, Atlas International has reviewed all areas, developments and developers and have come up with what we feel is the best investment for all our clients.

We have concentrated on the area of Hua Hin, known as the golfing capital of Thailand with at least 6 championship courses in close vicinity to the city. Situated about 3hrs drive from Bangkok, Hua Hin is one of the largest tourist areas of Thailand for Thais as well as from European and the US.

Hua Hin doesn’t just rely on golf. It is perfect for those looking for a sporting holiday with activities such as Scuba diving, sea canoeing, windsurfing available all year round, especially considering in the “cool” season, temperatures are still average near the 30 ºC level. For those not looking for too much activity there are always the Jazz festivals, fantastic shopping experiences and even elephant rides along the beach should you want something that little bit different.

Atlas International believes they have found the most exciting offerings in this area and look forward to sharing them with you.