Apartments for Sale in Spain

Looking for a beautiful residence in the summer paradise of Costa Blanca but on a budget? The scenic views and the golden rays of the Costa Blanca sun form an experience that is heavenly in every regard. Villas can be quite luxurious, but they are somewhat expensive.

However, if you are looking for a luxury experience within an affordable price, Atlas International has still got you covered. Cheap properties in Spain, particularly in Costa Blanca, can be hard to come by. That is why Atlas International was founded: to provide its customers with cheaper yet luxurious and high-quality holiday homes. Our apartments for sale in Spain are not only excellent in every way but are also reasonably priced to match your affordability and convenience. Following are a few of the main features of the apartments we deal in that make them stand out:

Spain new property pilar de la horadada mainimage1 @2x


Duplex · 2 · 2   from £140,200

Spain new property el raso guardamar mainimage1 @2x


Duplex · 2 · 2   from £135,904

Spain new property orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 2 · 2   from £215,693

Excellent, Spacious Layout

One of the most important features when it comes to an apartment or condo is the layout. One has to make sure that the layout is generous in accommodating one’s needs, including furniture and any other appliances. The layout and architecture should be according to the number of inhabitants and sometimes, other factors as well.

We at Atlas make sure that we have apartments with a range of layouts available for you to choose from according to your choice and desirability. Our range of apartments for sale in Spain is accommodating for customers of varying needs and tastes, and so, you are sure to find your fit with us!

Serene Environment and Friendly Neighborhood

Another significant feature for an apartment in the atmosphere and the aura that surrounds it. Nobody likes to live in a complex that is at worst dark and deserted during night time and at best, has cranky elevators and bleak corridors. The apartments we link up our customers with are lively and serene at the same time.

We make sure that our apartments for sale in Spain are located in popular, friendly areas and are in top-notch quality, as these factors contribute to the friendly and residential vibes of living space. Most of the families and individuals in our chosen apartment complexes form a friendly, tight-knit community, so you will fit right in!


The security factor is very important and considerable when looking through apartments for sale in Spain. We make sure that the apartment complexes we choose for our clients have secure entrances and exits, have good lighting facilities at night, and have trained, professional on-call security guards. What’s more, we ensure that the individual apartments within the complex have advanced security mechanisms as well. These include secure locks on windows, fire alarms, peepholes on strong doors, as well as deadbolts to ensure security to the maximum.

According to safeguardtheworld, about 30% of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked door or window. Thus, if security is something dearest to you when hunting for an apartment for sale in Spain, Atlas International should be your go-to stop.

Ample Parking Space

Our apartments for sale in Spain come with sufficient parking space, so you do not have to worry about your prized vehicles. When searching for a property for sale in Costa Blanca, parking space can be quite an issue as Costa Blanca is one of the most popular and sought out areas of Spain and it can be difficult to find a desirable property that fits your needs as well as your budget

Spain new property los montesinos mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 1 · 1   from £62,428

Spain new property san pedro del pinatar mainimage1 @2x


Duplex · 2 · 2   from £130,643

Spain new property benijofar mainimage1 @2x


Duplex · 3 · 2   from £149,056

Location, Location, Location!

Location, as one of the main contributors to the price of a property, is a very important factor. Costa Blanca boasts the most beautiful sunny beaches and breathtaking views. With the sun shining on Costa Blanca for more than 300 days a year, it forms the perfect spot for a holiday home or even a permanent residence. Waking up to splendid views from your apartment will prove just how valuable of an investment a Costa Blanca apartment is!

High-Quality Finish

What's the point of purchasing a good-looking apartment in a popular posh area such as Costa Blanca if it has low-quality fittings and appliances? Roof leaks, sewage disorders, lack of proper garbage disposal systems and lack of protection against natural disasters are seen as red flags at Atlas International. We guarantee that our apartments for sale in Spain are constructed as well as they look because aesthetics are not just everything.


Beautiful, high-quality luxury apartments can be found anywhere, but rare are the apartments for sale in Spain that fit reasonable budgets. In the posh and popular region of Costa Blanca in Spain, affordable apartments with ample facilities and features can be hard to come by. Atlas makes sure that its clients are effortlessly linked up with apartments for sale in Spain, Costa Blanca that are not only luxurious and homely but also affordable and cost-effective. You can cruise through our website for apartment hunting and filter your search results according to the budget you desire!


Facilities and amenities are very important for a good quality of life. You can search through our website and see apartments for sale in Spain with a variety of amenities and facilities. Whether it’s kitchen appliances such as high-quality stovetops, refrigerators, and ovens, or amenities such as pools, rooftop barbeque space, spas and gyms, Atlas International has got you covered. All you have got to do is visit our website to view the most exciting and affordable offers when it comes to apartments for sale in Spain.

When looking for apartments for sale in Spain, Atlas International is the ideal helper that will aid you in locating the perfect residence that fits your needs, wishes, and purpose. What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to invest in a Spanish apartment in Costa Blanca! Visit our website to browse through hundreds of available options and take a viewing trip with us if you like to finalize your investment decisions now!

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