Property for Sale in Alicante

Thinking of moving to the beautiful land of Spain where it is all sunshine and rainbows round the year? A port city of the southeastern Costa Blanca of Spain, Alicante city, is the capital of Alicante province and is on a place that you will surely fall in love with.

The best thing about Alicante is that its immense beauty and lovely weather is accompanied with very affordable living and property for sale in Alicante is astonishingly priced at very reasonable figures. This ensures that property for sale in Alicante is viewed as a golden opportunity by not only the locals but also the foreigners and expats.

Atlas International provides its clients who are looking for property in Costa Blanca with excellent options and deals regarding property for sale in Alicante, Villamartín, Murcia, Torrevieja and other regions of Costa Blanca. Alicante is the perfect opportunity if you want to invest in property on the beautiful Spanish soil. Get registered with us at Atlas International now to avail our impressive deals and a wide range of services that will surely cater to your each and every need during the process of purchasing property for sale in Alicante.

Following are only some of the features of Alicante that make it stand out amongst all the other regions within the Costa Blanca and confirm why it is the best city to make an investment it.

Spain new property lomas de campoamor orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Detached Villa · 4 · 2   from £477,856

Spain new property gran alacant santa pola mainimage1 @2x


Duplex · 2 · 2   from £214,816

Spain new poperty la zenia orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 3 · 2   from £234,982

A great healthcare system

Alicante has an impressive healthcare system that is free of cost for most residents. Expats that are living in Alicante long-term can also benefit from free healthcare. Thus, you don't just have to be a Spanish national to take advantage of this excellent service.

Many healthcare officials, doctors, and other staff mostly can communicate in English and languages other than Spanish due to the large percentage of the expatriate population in Spain. You can either opt for this free healthcare, or you can choose the private health insurance that is also available in Spain. Thus, living in Alicante is made easy as health is one of the foremost priorities of every individual. According to expatfocus, the 2007 census revealed that more than 16% of Alicante’s population are expatriates and this has grown so much more since then. This is just one of the reasons why you should purchase one of the properties for sale in Alicante and move to Spain.

A variety of educational institutions

Another impressive attribute of Alicante is that it has a number of schools for you to choose from for your kids. Education is a very important factor in your children's lives, and it is necessary that no compromises are made on this particular aspect.

Alicante has a large number of public schools as well as International schools for expatriates. These international schools feature British, American and International curriculum so that communication and learning does not become a problem for your children. With excellent educational opportunities, great healthcare facilities, cheap properties for sale in Alicante, and great weather, who wouldn’t want to move to this stunning Spanish city.

property for sale in alicante is cheaper

Perhaps the best part about investing in property for sale in Alicante is that it is so much cheaper than the other areas in Costa Blanca. With the prices in Alicante at an all-time low, you can purchase much more luxurious and spacious properties that you might not have been able to purchase in other Spanish cities within the same budget.

So what are you waiting for? Those immaculate golf homes, sunny beach properties, open plan apartments, and luxurious villas for sale in Spain are calling your name! It is all within your easy reach. All you have got to do is link up with Atlas International and its easy sailing from there on because we will do all the work for you, so you do not have to stress about property for sale in Alicante, a foreign land.

Spain resale property orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Town House · 3 · 2   from £159,578

Spain new property lomas de campoamor orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Detached Villa · 3 · 2   from £411,219

Spain new property torrevieja mainimage1 @2x


Quatro Villa · 3 · 3   from £165,715

Affordable living

Living costs in Alicante are similar to the property for sale in Alicante: surprisingly cheap for such a wonderful city! From the most basic health and education costs and daily groceries and fuel to the more complex shopping for clothing items at malls and luxurious products, Alicante is much cheaper than the other cities and areas of Spain. This is one feature that attracts expats and foreigners to Spain. With a very affordable living and cheap properties for sale in Alicante, moving to Spain is a done deal! Visit our website now to start the process for your very own property in Spain that is only a few easy steps away!

Friendly residents

Whether it is social evenings spent in your neighborhood or weekend nights at the bar with your friends, living in Alicante will prove itself to be a fulfilled and exciting time. The neighborhoods of Alicante are very friendly, and you will fit right in no time. The Spanish people hold in high regard the values of family and friendships, and you will not feel isolated in Alicante whatsoever.

With communities of expats and friendly Spanish locals who are eager to help you out, living in Alicante will surely prove a memorable and bright experience for not only yourself but your family as well. Purchasing a property for sale in Alicante is the first step towards establishing your home in this Spanish paradise!


It can be seen how Alicante is a wonderful area for residence in Spain. If the beautiful beaches, golf courses, the vivid blue skies, and the pleasant Mediterranean weather is not enough to please you, then surely the affordability of this European paradise will. Get registered with us at Atlas international now to avail our fantastic services when it comes to purchasing your own property for sale in Alicante.

With excellent viewing trips and first class accommodation, expert insurance services, and legal advice, aftersales services, and property management, we make sure to go the extra mile to ensure our clients' satisfaction and pleasure!

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