Property for Sale in Villamartín

Villamartín is one of the latest developments in the Costa Blanca area of the southeastern Spanish province, Alicante. Famous for its world-class golf courses and its vibrant blue beaches, Villamartín is one of the best places in Spain if you are looking for golf homes, beach properties, villas and apartments for sale in Spain, particularly in Costa Blanca. Property for sale in Villamartín is particularly popular amongst expats and foreigners looking for a home in Costa Blanca.

With the perfect assistance from Atlas International, you will be able to call a Spanish house yours in no time. The prices of properties for sale in Villamartín are steadily rising with time. This only serves to show that if you have wanted to own a property of your own on Spanish soil, now is the time! Browse through our website to find a multitude of available options and range of impressive deals and offers on the properties for sale in Villamartín that you have your eyes set on.

This is not all! We also provide a number of services to help you out in your real estate endeavors on foreign soil. You might be unfamiliar with many processes and intricacies involved including tax and legal issues, foreign exchange, property management, renovations, insurance, and after sales care. We at Atlas International will be with you every step of the way on the purchase of your own property for sale in Villamartín.

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Apartment · 3 · 2   from £144,672

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Duplex · 2 · 1   from £117,491

Spain resale property orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 2 · 1   from £94,694

Book a visit

You read that right! Atlas International offers quality viewing trips to its customers with excellent accommodation and expert assistance. You shouldn’t have to finalize your property decisions without seeing the property and getting a feel of the location and neighborhood before in person.

Investing in the property for sale in Villamartín is a huge financial decision, and we at Atlas want to make sure that you are fully satisfied and have no regrets whatsoever. This is where the idea of our outstanding viewing trips for our customers stemmed from. Moreover, it is only further proof of our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and approval in every way. Fly out with us to personally visit the properties for sale in Villamartín that you are interested in.

Very low-interest rates

Mortgage interest rates in Villamartín are very reasonable, starting from as low as even 1% interest rates. This allows for a number of advantages that you can benefit from, including refinancing your mortgage, buying a home, refinancing your loan car, consolidating your debt and much more. Property for sale in Villamartín presents the perfect opportunity for you to easily step into the delightful, sunny land of Spain. Browse through numerous deals on our website to find the property that fits your bill and your needs, and we will take care of the rest without worry from your side!

The best of both worlds

One of the most significant features of Villamartín is the diversity it offers to its lucky inhabitants. Although a small village in Costa Blanca, Villamartín boasts an excellent nightlife that is known throughout. If you are a night owl or have a knack for social events and public gatherings, there couldn't be a better fit for you than Villamartín. You can go out further for a walk to enjoy the serene, natural landscape or visit the infamous shopping sprees of Villamartín. This area caters to the needs and wishes of diverse kinds of people, and one is sure to fit in. This itself is the ideal reason for you to purchase a property for sale in Villamartín.

World class golf courses

Hands down the most significant feature of Villamartín, its golf courses are one of a kind. Acres of immaculate, well-manicured and well-kept green land are like the shining star on top of the Christmas tree that is Villamartín. It is the most effective magnet for golf lovers and for people who dream of a pristine home in the middle of a golf course. A truly luxurious lifestyle in Villamartín awaits you! All you have to do is get in touch with Atlas International, look through and choose from the properties for sale in Villamartín and we will do the rest for you!

Spain new property lomas de campoamor orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 2 · 2   from £174,483

Spain new property la zenia orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 3 · 2   from £144,672

Spain new property punta prima orihuela costa mainimage1 @2x


Apartment · 2 · 2   from £141,963

The beach is only a few minutes away

Another excellent attribute of living in the most intriguing village of Villamartín is that the beach is only a stone’s throw away. Early morning walks along the coast, relaxing sunbaths on the beach during the summer, swimming sessions in the ocean with the family, and a number of water sports await you in Villamartín. Beach properties for sale in Villamartín are very popular amongst both locals and foreigners alike. Furthermore, the infamous salt lakes are another healthy attraction for many tourists and inhabitants.

A number of recreational activities to choose from

Although Villamartín is a small village, it has a number of stunning recreational activities to offer to its inhabitants and visitors alike. Its restaurants, bars, and pubs are surely one of a kind, and with societies and clubs formed amongst both the Spanish and expatriate population, there is never a dull moment. Villamartín has developed tremendously in the past decade and boasts a number of the latest entertainment facilities. According to sequreinternational, the most prominent of these include cinemas, hanging out at the Villamartín Plaza, La Zenia Boulevard, and a number of nightclubs.

Keeping in mind all the above-stated aspects of the wonderful region of Villamartín, the allure of this small village that buzzes up at night can clearly be seen. If you have decided that you must score for yourself one of the properties for sale in Villamartín, Atlas International will help you out with all the processes and dealings. All you have got to do is visit our website, browse through a number of options and deals and let us know so we can set up a comfortable viewing trip to the beautiful Costa Blanca and hopefully finalize the deal for you! Villamartín awaits you!

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